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In the early 1970's Peter Accardi and I were working together in a Rock and Roll group in the Philadelphia area.   Peter shared with me an amazing story about how Jesus Christ changed his life.  I rejected that message at first but a little over a year latter I also received Christ as my Lord and Saviour.   Below are links to a tract of each of our testimonies.   You may want to read Peter Accardi's testimony first, since he was first saved, and then later I received Christ.  Today we both serve the Lord at the Elkdale Baptist Church.   Peter is our church Evangelist and I serve as the Pastor of the church. Click on our pictures below to download a PDF tract of our testimonies.   Feel free to print them and hand them out to people.

God bless you and we hope the tracts are a blessing to you as you read about the amazing power of God in changing the lives of "chief of sinners"   (I Timothy 1:15).

P.S.   If you would like to read some of the recent messages I have preached,   Click Here to go to our Written Sermon Archive Page.. I do not claim to be a great orator, but I believe you will find some great truths in these Sermon Archive Pages. Recently we have also added a Audio Sermon Archive Page, Click Here to go to our Audio Sermon Archive Page..

Sincerely Yours,

Pastor Frank Bissol

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